Corporate Responsibility and Law

On 16 February 2023, LEXSECURE project WP leaders Mikko Rajavuori and Mika Viljanen talked, together with Assistant Professor Anne Quarshie from Turku School of Economics (Management and Organisation), about Corporate Responsibility and Law at an alumni seminar organised jointly by the UTU Faculty of Law and TSE exe (Turku School of Economics Executive Education and Development).

Mikko Rajavuori gave a presentation on the topic ‘Corporate Sustainability: Regulatory Agenda and Projects’ (Yritysten kestävyyssääntelyn agenda ja hankkeet), while Mika Viljanen talked about ‘Corporate Responsibility and Regulatory Strategies’ (Kestävyyssääntelytavat ja -vastuu). Anne Quarshie’s talk was about business models that are respectful to biodiversity (Luonnon monimuotoisuutta kunnioittava yritystoiminta).

The event was in Finnish.

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