Project presentation published by the Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland has published a summary of the projects funded under the programme ‘Pandemics and Other Crises – Response and Preparedness (RESILIENCE) 2021–2023’, which includes the LEXSECURE project. The publication (only in Finnish) is available on the Academy of Finland programme webpage.

Doctoral thesis defence

LEXSECURE Project Researcher Isabell Storsjö defended her doctoral thesis “Supply Chains for Societal Outcomes” in the subject of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility (Department of Marketing) at Hanken School of Economics on November 1st, 2021. The thesis explores a supply chain perspective to strictly regulated public service settings and processes. It includes four articlesContinue reading “Doctoral thesis defence”

Law and Security of Supply

Finnish Lawyers’ Association’s (Suomalainen Lakimiesyhdistys) member event on September 21, 2021 in Helsinki / online. The event focused on law and security of supply (titled ‘Oikeus ja huoltovarmuus’ in Finnish) and included a number of presentations given by LEXSECURE affiliated experts. The event was hosted by LEXSECURE researcher Kirsi-Maria Halonen. Presentations (in Finnish): Huoltovarmuuden tavoitteetContinue reading “Law and Security of Supply”

Regulating through Global Value Chains: From Internal Market Building to Sustainability and Geosecurity by Proxy?

Presentation in the conference ‘Tracing the Nature, Place, and Effects of EU Private Law in (Re-)Shaping Global Markets and Orders’ on September 16 – 17, 2021. LEXSECURE researchers Jaakko Salminen and Mikko Rajavuori, together with LEXSECURE external expert Klaas Eller, presented their work on ‘Regulating through Global Value Chains: From Internal Market Building to Sustainability and GeosecurityContinue reading “Regulating through Global Value Chains: From Internal Market Building to Sustainability and Geosecurity by Proxy?”

Resilient Supply Chains

Session in the conference ‘Transformative effects of Covid-19 on Globalisation & Law’ on September 16 – 17, 2021. LEXSECURE researchers Jaakko Salminen, Kirsi-Maria Halonen and Mika Viljanen presented their recent supply chain security related work in the session ‘Resilient Supply Chains’, organised by LEXSECURE external expert Klaas Eller as part of the conference ‘Transformative effects of Covid-19 on Globalisation &Continue reading “Resilient Supply Chains”

Regulating the Sustainability of Digital Platforms

Talk in the webinar series “Platforms as Private Governance Systems” on September 6, 2021. LEXSECURE researcher Jaakko Salminen gave a talk at Copenhagen University on the topic “Regulating the Sustainability of Digital Platforms”. The talk was part of the Center for Private Governance webinar series on ‘Platforms as Private Governance Systems’, with a special focusContinue reading “Regulating the Sustainability of Digital Platforms”

LEXSECURE at National XIX Legal Research Conference

National XIX Legal Research Conference was organised on August 25–27, 2021 in Rovaniemi / online. The LEXSECURE project held a session “Oikeuden rooli huoltovarmuuden turvaamisessa: Kohti kriisipoikkeuksien koordinaatiota globaalien järjestelmäuhkien varalta” (in Finnish) on Thursday the 26th. The session was chaired by Anna Hurmerinta-Haanpää and it consisted of the following presentations shedding light on theContinue reading “LEXSECURE at National XIX Legal Research Conference”

A comment on competitive bidding

An interview published by Seura magazine May 20, 2021. LEXSECURE researcher Kirsi-Maria Halonen shares her views on competitive bidding with regard to safety equipment procurement. The piece of news, “Huoltovarmuuskeskus on hankkinut yli 300 miljoonalla suojavälineitä – Nopeat suoraostot ovat olleet onnenpotku monelle alalla uudelle firmalle”, can be read here:

Digitalization, Global Value Chains and the Circular Economy

Panel presentation in the webinar “Digitalization, Ethics & Ownership – The Nordic Perspective” on April 22, 2021. LEXSECURE PI Jaakko Salminen shared his views on ‘Digitalization, Global Value Chains and the Circular Economy’ in a webinar titled “Digitalization, Ethics & Ownership – The Nordic Perspective” organised by the University of Helsinki.