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The LEXSECURE project studies the legal foundations of global supply chains and what could be done to ensure secure supply of critical goods, such as medical supplies, in times of global crises. Today’s system of transnational trade is based on the belief that state interference should be avoided to allow free and efficient trade. Nonetheless, several exceptions are built into the system to allow states and private actors to derogate from this starting point in case of internal crises. If global trade is instead struck by a system-wide crisis, such as global refugee streams, climate change, or a pandemic like COVID-19, then there is a danger that each state’s uncoordinated and indiscriminate use of available exceptions disrupts the system more than is reasonable and prevents critical supplies from reaching those most in need. LEXSECURE maps the system of exceptions in transnational trade and evaluates possibilities for developing secure supply chains to counter future crises. It seeks to develop a coherent approach to fostering security of supply through law – as opposed to the current regulatory approach that seems to drift to the use of exceptions every time the society is faced with a crisis.

Project period: 21.08.2020 → 30.11.2023

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Latest from LEXSECURE

Corporate Responsibility and Liability in relation to Climate Change

Session in the international conference ‘Corporate Responsibility and Liability in relation to Climate Change’ on May 19 – 20, 2022. PI Jaakko Salminen presented work done together with Agnes Hellner and LEXSECURE researchers Mikko Rajavuori and Mika Viljanen, on the topic ‘Private Law and the Rana Plaza Moment of Climate Change’ in the session ‘Accountability, science, and sustainability’,Continue reading “Corporate Responsibility and Liability in relation to Climate Change”

Doctoral thesis defence

LEXSECURE Project Researcher Isabell Storsjö defended her doctoral thesis “Supply Chains for Societal Outcomes” in the subject of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility (Department of Marketing) at Hanken School of Economics on November 1st, 2021. The thesis explores a supply chain perspective to strictly regulated public service settings and processes. It includes four articlesContinue reading “Doctoral thesis defence”

Appointment news

LEXSECURE co-PI Kirsi-Maria Halonen has been appointed to Professor in Welfare Law (fixed term, beginning on November 1, 2021). In this position, Halonen will focus on questions relating to public service provision, public sector’s market involvement and welfare state’s structures.

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